Steering Committee

Do you have special gifts or talents you’d like to share with Metro Women’s Network? Would you like to gain leadership experience? Have a burning desire to shape the future of our organization? Want to get to know MWN members better and make new friends? Serve on the steering committee!

Check out the opportunities below; volunteer for a committee anytime or nominate yourself or another candidate for an officer’s position at the election meeting in January. Questions? Contact us.

Note: For a complete list of steering committee members, refer to the Contact Us page. Additional photos and biographies will be posted below as they become available.


President  Joyce Whipps presides over all meetings, including meetings of the steering committee, serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, and executes the duties generally attendant upon this position.

Vice President

The vice president chairs the membership committee and presides in the absence of the president.


Christ Duncan will serve as secretary for 2019.


The treasurer collect dues, deposit the monies of MWN in a financial institution in metropolitan Des Moines, and keeps a record of all monies collected, deposited and disbursed.  The treasurer reports the financial condition to the steering committee as called upon by the president and prepares an annual budget.

Barb Hawbaker will serve as treasurer for 2019.

Programs Committee

The programs committee coordinates monthly programming events to fulfill the objectives of MWN, including speakers, venues and related duties.

Connie BlodgettConnie Blodgett and Sherri Johnson share Programs efforts. Connie has been a member of MWN since 1990 and has served several years on the steering committee (as president and programs chair) since then. She has been in outside commercial sales for about 20 years, currently with FirstChoice Coffee Services . Connie wrote, “I work with companies to provide coffee service in offices, schools, churches, etc. within the area. Much of my job includes networking and scratching and sniffing for leads. I enjoy meeting new people and finding out how I can assist them.”

Connie says, “I thoroughly enjoy networking and rotating to different venues in the area [with MWN]. I had been asked several times in the past and decided it was time to volunteer/serve again. I felt that the programs and restaurants could improve, so I thought I’d volunteer to try. It’s an awesome time to be a member of Metro Women’s Network!”

Sherri Johnson    Sherri Johnson has been a member for several years and has served on most steering committee positions. She works at the Iowa Clinic in the Accounting area and co-chairs the program committee. She finds the best speakers in central Iowa and invites them to join us at Metro Women’s Network each month.  “I enjoy ‘Metro’ for the fun meetings and am glad I can be part of this long-time organization,” Sherri states.

Publicity Committee

Lois O’Donnell, member of MWN since 1993, will serve as chair of the publicity committee in 2019. The publicity chair coordinates and publishes the MWN newsletter, maintains and social networking accounts (Facebook, Linked In and Twitter), manages online event postings/community calendars, and generally promotes MWN missions.

At-large Representatives

At-large representatives assist committees as needed and serve as membership liaisons.

Janet Seeberger will serve in the at-large positions for 2019.

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