November/December 2019

Surprise 1 – Holidays for 2019 are upon us!  Where did the year go?  In a week or so, it’ll be Thanksgiving and then Christmastime.  I’m always surprised how fast the holidays come upon us.

Surprise 2 – One of our wonderful speakers this year was from ChildServ.  When I researched them a little before that meeting, I was surprised by how much they did.  Now they are our Charity of the Year.  Any donations given for them at our mixer will be matched by Metro Women’s Network as much as possible.

Surprise 3 – Think of all the fun we had at past mixers when we painted pictures.  This mixer will be as much fun, but we get to eat our creations and don’t have to think of where to hang (or hide) the picture.  On December 5, we’ll decorate cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes ( in the East Village.  (I’ve sampled their wares and they are nummy, nummy.)  Decorating and grazing on pizza will be done in a comfortable, relaxed setting at Broadmoor apartments clubhouse in West Des Moines.  This is just east of Jordan Creek Mall.

Surprise 4 – Lots of prizes will be given away.

Surprise 5 – There will be a surprise announcement at the meeting.

Trust me when I say that if you don’t come to this mixer there’s a good chance you’ll be wishing you had. Be sure to RSVP before Monday, 12/2, at

Joyce Whipps


Metro Women’s Network


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