June 2019

I did not know that!!!

I said that last month after hearing our speaker from the Boys and Girls Clubs.  I remembered passing a building that housed the club on NE 14th when I was taking night classes at Grand View, and knew they had moved out of there.  I was amazed at how much they do and where they are at in the Des Moines metro now.  They are in numerous locations in the Des Moines metro area and even help families during the summer.  I did not know that!

I’m saying it this month as we have a speaker from ChildServe.  I looked up their website and looked at the history.  They’ve been around in one form or another since 1928.  Wow!!!  They do a LOT more than I realized.  There is the rehabilitation that I knew about, but there is the help they give families dealing with all the medical needs.  They even helped a young man be able to vote in the last election by finding him special transportation and working to get him registered to vote.  They also have some day care facilities.  I did not know that!

This month we’re meeting at Waterfront Seafood Market in West Des Moines.  I’ve eaten there many times, but we found out they have a meeting room.  I did not know that!  We have some scrumptious sounding entrée offerings for our meeting.  I did know we’ll enjoy going there.

Come to the June meeting at Waterfront on June 20th for great food, social interaction, and a good speaker.  RSVP at www.mwniowa.org/calendar. See if you can refrain from saying, “I did not know that!”

Joyce Whipps, President

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