May 2019

The speaker for May is Abbey Barrow from Boys and Girls Clubs.  Did you know that Boys and Girls Clubs of America had its beginnings in 1860?  That means they’ve been around for almost 160 years!  As I said in last month’s ponderings, I didn’t know much about this organization.  I knew they existed and I remember there being a club on NE 14th St in Des Moines, but that’s about it.  I urge you to come this month (May16) to hear our speaker and learn more about this wonderful organization.

Next month (June 20) our speaker will be from ChildServe.  Another organization that I knew a little bit about but not much.  Des Moines has many wonderful organizations that help support children and give support to families.  I’m convinced this helps push us up in rankings of best places to live and best places to raise a family. We have organizations that help with health aspects, with educational aspects, with athletic aspects, with mental health aspects and with basic living aspects.  I look at some of the speakers we have had over the past few years.  Des Moines metro area is a pretty darn good place for families, extended families and a great place to live all around. 

Again, this month come hear Abbey Barrow speak about The Boys and Girls Clubs on May 16 at Noah’s Ark on Ingersoll.  To register, click on 

Next month (June), come hear Dr. Terry Wahlig speak about ChildServe at Waterfront in West Des Moines.  (Registration for this will be sent later.)

Metro Women’s Network = good food, good speakers, good friends!

Joyce Whipps


Metro Women’s Network



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