April 2019

As I sit at the laptop writing this, I can see shades of green on some trees and buds getting bigger on other trees.  I LOVE spring.  It’s my second favorite season (fall is the favorite).  Mounds and mountains of snow in parking lots are gone.  The heavy coats aren’t as frequently worn.  We’re starting to have more days where you can just grab the purse/wallet and keys and dash out the door.  I feel life gets a little bit easier since you don’t have to allow extra time for getting dressed to be warm enough.  Don’t have to allow extra traveling time because of weather.  Less likely to say, “Let’s plan for that…weather permitting.”  The weather isn’t controlling our activities as much.

This month, April, we won’t be meeting as it would have fallen on Maundy Thursday and many members will be attending functions/services at their church.  Next month, our speaker is from the Boys and Girls Clubs.  I will confess I don’t know much about them.  I had heard of them and knew that there are many well known people (sports, political and entertainment) who were members of the clubs.  I went online to research a little about them.  Like spring, the clubs are a place where the circumstances of life don’t control access to opportunities.  They give kids chances to grow, and they increase the graduation rates.   I’m very anxious to hear about this club and learn more about what they can do for our youth.

Put it on your calendar now for May 16, 2019. You may RSVP at www.mwniowa.org/calendar anytime before 5.13.19 for this fun and informational evening. Hope to see you there!

Joyce Whipps, President

Metro Women’s Network



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