March 2019

So many names for people who follow certain diets!  There are vegetarians (abstain from eating meat), pescatarians (abstain from eating all meat except fish), ovo-vegetarian (abstain from meat and dairy but eat eggs), lacto-vegetarian (abstains from meat and eggs but has dairy), ovo-lacto vegetarian (abstain from eating meat but does include eggs and dairy), and last there are vegans (abstain from all animal products including dairy, eggs and maybe honey).  A few years back, my husband and I started adding meatless days in our diet just to help improve our health even though we didn’t have any major issues.  I found out our diet even has a name.  We’re flexitarians.  Three days a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday), we go meatless.  We do have eggs and cheese on these days, but not a lot.  We’ve been asked if we can tell a difference.  The answer is a resounding YES!  As we’ve dropped meat, we’ve started getting protein from plant sources.  We’ve also discovered that it’s not the vegetable but how it’s fixed.  Never thought I’d say good and squash in the same sentence.  We feel better, we shake off colds quicker and we fight off the flu easier.  If anyone had told us we’d feel this much better by doing the small change, I would have shook my head.  Small changes add up!

 Our speaker this month on March 21 will help us improve our nutrition.  Dr. Andrew Nish will talk about ways to improve our diet, especially in the area of sugar.  We’ll be at a restaurant we haven’t been at in a looong time, Nick’s Bar & Grill, which is across  from Valley West on University Ave.  Come hear a good speaker on an interesting topic at a new/old restaurant among fun people!  Bring friends to help them improve their diet also. RSVP at before 3/18.

 Joyce Whipps, President

Metro Women’s Network

 P.S.  Get a free beverage!  A name will be drawn from among those who can remember the name of the diet my husband and I follow.



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