February 2019

What if I said, “It’s the end of Metro Women’s Network!”

Now that I have your attention …. 

It would be a crisis to have the MWN end.  We face so many crises in life.  We have health scare crises and financial crises.  In my opinion, our country is going through a political crisis with all the divisiveness.  Some of the crises are of our own imagination, but others are real.  Some are of our own making, or we could have avoided them if we had taken precautionary measures.  Eileen Wixted will be our speaker this month and is owner of Wixted & Co.  Her company helps clients avoid crises with communication training and crisis management.  I know this knowledge could be used in personal lives also.  I look forward to hearing to what I can do besides prayer.  (On that note, I sometimes think God hears our prayers and says, “I heard ya! I heard ya! I’m working on it! I’m working on it!”  Just my opinion.)

Join us at Fire Creek Grill in West Des Moines on Thursday 2/21/19 at 5:30 pm.  We’ll have yummy food, chat with good friends and learn how to handle crises in our lives.

Note: Metro Women’s Network is NOT ending…because we keep communicating! We’ll see you on February 21.

Joyce Whipps, President, MWN

 P.S.  Next month we’ll be at Nick’s Bar & Grill in West Des Moines on March 21, 2019, and hear from Dr. Andrew Nish on the health risks of sugar.  I think I may skip dessert that time.   HAH!  Yeah, right!



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