October 2018

Christmas is coming!  We all give money to charities every year so others may have a brighter holiday.  The only drawback to that is we’re sort of removed from the end recipients.   A few years ago, a department in my company did something different.  Rather than give money to a charity, they took the money they would have given and bought some Visa gift cards.  Each person in the department got one, and they were to find an opportunity to “pay it forward.”  The stories they told of paying it forward made me reach for the box of tissues … like the young father in worn clothes really studying the prices of the diapers, and when the gift card was given to him stating with relieved excitement, “This time I can get the BIG box of diapers.”  Or the elderly gentleman carefully watching the total on the register each time an item of medicine or food was scanned.  When he was given a card, he had tears in his eyes as he stated the medicine was for his wife and now he could get his medicine also.  (Oh, dear, I just had to reach for a tissue again!)  The members of the department said this act really changed their outlook at Christmas.  Many were going to make this a part of their own family Christmases so the kids could learn the joy of paying it forward.

Come to the October 18th meeting and hear our speaker Carole Chambers talk about paying it forward.  We’ll have good food at Sam & Gabe’s.  We’ll have good company.  We’ll hear a wonderful speaker. RSVP at www.mwniowa.org/calendar before 10/15.

Joyce Whipps



P.S. Be thinking about nominations for Woman of the Year meeting in January.


One Response to “October 2018”

  1. Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski Says:

    Sam & Gabe’s apparently just closed. now what?

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