July 2018

How has your summer been? I guess mine was busier or more relaxing then I thought because I completely spaced off writing my ponderings! This summer has been a journey for me, not a big earth-shaking one but one of small changes and personal discoveries. As I’ve been trying to improve my health, I’ve noticed don’t like it when I miss my exercise classes consistently. I’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t mind stairs. (That’s coming a looong way.) Little changes and improvements start to add up. It only takes a minute to start a change.

Our speaker this month probably won’t give us her whole talk of 90 ideas in 90 minutes, but I’m sure will get a good dose of ideas in the minutes we have with her. Come join us at Urbandale Golf & Country Club on August 16, 2018. The menu sounds wonderful. The speaker is sure to be good and the company will be fun as always.

Joyce Whipps


Metro Women’s Network

P.S. In September we will be participating in John Stoddard’s Girl’s Night out in the Village on September 20, 2018. Registration is open now, but it fills up quickly!

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