June 2018

Last month we heard from Jan Milroy from Living History Farms.  The question for the evening was, “What do you consider a hidden gem in Iowa?”  We had many wonderful answers from the view Mary had from her backyard of the Skunk River valley to West Bend Grotto to RAGBRAI to the Des Moines Artfest.  There is another hidden gem in Iowa, and that’s the people.  We have the “Iowa nice,” and we are always ready to help another human being.

This month’s speaker will help us to “arm” ourselves to help even more.  We’ll have a speaker from Dorothy’s House.  This is an organization that helps fight human and sex trafficking.  This is a hot and heavy topic as the State Fair is a top spot in the nation for this.  We need to get our “Iowa nice” in gear and learn how to fight it.  Come to Noah’s on Ingersoll on June 21 for a wonderful meal, great company and learn how to put our “Iowa nice” to work. Your RSVP is required at https://mwniowa.org/calendar/ before 6/18.

Joyce Whipps


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