March 2018

Earth without Art is EH.  Have you seen that bumper sticker?  I’ve seen a few times on my drive into work, and I agree with that.  If we didn’t have art, life would be pretty boring and dull.  I work at Principal Financial Group, and in one of our buildings we have a little art gallery.  The art collection was started by one of our presidents who was very much into the art world.  We have a statement of his posted in the art area that states, “Art is good.  It stimulates creativity and stirs things up.”  Now I will admit there are some pieces in Principal’s collections that I don’t care for, but they have certainly stirred things up.  There are pieces that have made me pause and think and ponder.

I love to visit the large quilt shows that come to Des Moines in October.  That is another form of art, and it stimulates creativity in me.  I’ll look at quilts and think how beautiful they are, but there are ones that make me say, “What were they thinking?!?” Again, it stirs things up.  Whether you agree with the art or not, it stirs things up, brings up discussion and removes the boring and dull.  I love Norman Rockwell, but life would be pretty boring if that was the only art we had.

Come to our meeting on March 15 at Fire Creek in West Des Moines and hear our speaker from the Art Center. Your RSVP is needed at  I confess that I haven’t been there to the Art Center to actually tour it.  I’m sure listening to the speaker will “stir me up” to go visit and see this treasure of Des Moines.

Joyce Whipps, President

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