February 2018

I have “expensive” habits.  I like to eat good, healthy, tasty food.  I like to wear warm, comfortable, stylish clothes.  (The stylish, of course, is a matter of taste.)  I like having a sturdy roof over my head and walls to keep out cold & wind.  As the big “R” (retirement) gets closer and closer, I think about supporting these habits.  Yes, I have saved, and I’m blessed to have an employer with a pension plan and a 401k.  According to my financial planner, I’m in good shape for retirement, but I still think about supplementing income.  I like my espresso in the morning and want to indulge in hobbies like quilting, cooking, traveling and, most important, treating great-nieces and great-nephews to fun and fun stuff.  I don’t want to be a greeter at Wal-Mart, and if I worked part-time at a kitchen store, I’d owe them money.  When I heard Barb Breeser’s little 5-minute talk a few years ago about buying at garage sales and selling on E-Bay, my interest was aroused.  I kept trying to set up a meeting with her so she could show me what she does.  Finally (!), I get to learn more about it.  If you’re interested in increasing your income, this will be an interesting program.

Come join us at Felix and Oscar’s for yummy food, good conversation and an interesting program.  We’ll be there on Thursday 2-15-18 at 6:00 (5:30 social time). RSVP is required at https://mwniowa.org/calendar/.  If you know others who would be interested, bring ‘em along.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joyce Whipps

President, MWN

P.S. The calendar is being very cruel this year.  Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day so if you’re giving up chocolate for Lent, you can’t have any of the Valentine chocolates you may get.


2 Responses to “February 2018”

  1. Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski Says:

    The link to the calendar for registration has inadvertently picked up some extra digits and is thus non-functional. Oops!


    Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski | Senior Vice President, Corporate Counsel and Secretary

    EMC National Life Company

    699 Walnut Street, Suite 1100 | Des Moines, IA 50309-3965

    PO Box 9202 | Des Moines, IA 50306-9202

    Tel: (515) 237-2203 | Fax: (515) 237-2283

    jmercer-klimowski@emcnl.com | http://www.EMCNationalLife.com

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