January 2018

Happy New Year! Ah, the new year! A time for new beginnings, resolutions, a chance for hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. I (like many people) look to improve my health with exercise and dropping a few pounds. I look forward to a new great-niece coming soon and hope that my sister will be moving back to Iowa from Oklahoma. All things I look forward to with happy expectation.

However, it’s also a time for looking into the unknown. What will the year bring? What changes for good or bad will be coming? We think about things like jobs, health, money and safety. If we run into negative situations, how will we handle them? Are we going to turn it into a positive or continue to focus on the negative?

Our Woman of the Year faced a very unhappy situation a while ago with the loss of a son. She and her husband have had positive come out of it, though. Please come to our Woman of the Year meeting on January 18th, 2018 at 6:00 pm (5:30 pm social time) at the Hilton Garden Inn on 64th St in W. Des Moines. (It’s just down the street from the Coachlight Spa where we were at in December.) Come here how Lori Evans turned her “scars into stars”! RSVP at http://www.mwniowa.org/calendar.

Joyce Whipps. President

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