June 2017

The temperatures in May were wonderful! There was a stretch of days where the furnace wasn’t running and neither was the air conditioner. However, we always have the joke in Iowa that if you don’t like the weather to wait a day and it’ll change.
It’s the beginning of June, and it seems in the blink of an eye we’ve gone from wonderful spring temperatures to the hot temps of summer. (Of course, we know it’s “not the heat, it’s the humidity”!)

In the blink of an eye, many things can happen. Young people (and others) texting while driving can glance away for a second and be in an accident that will forever change their life (or end it). You randomly click on an ad on the internet and are infected with a virus that puts your personal data at risk.

Come here our speaker Sergeant Bernell Edwards from the DM Police Dept at the June 15 meeting and learn about things that can be done to protect our safety, both physical and on-line. We’ll also enjoy a yummy dinner at a new place for us to meet, Eatery A, on Ingersoll. I’ve been there and the food was wonderful. RSVP is required at https://mwniowa.org/calendar/.

See you there on June 15th!

Joyce Whipps, President

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