April 2017

As this is being written, we’ve had a LONG stretch of gray, rainy days. We’ve had a lot of rain, and if I see a long line of animals heading 2 by 2 in one direction, I’m getting in line with them.  With the lack of sun, I’ve just want to curl up with a cup of tea, my cat in my lap and wonderful old black and white movies on the TV (or have an Agatha Christie mystery in hand).

All this rain is tiring, but it’s helping the water table and will help the plants grow.  Plants need the rain and the sun to grow.  We need lows in our lives to recognize the highs.  We need to work and to play to have a full growing life.

Our speaker this month will help us find a balance and help us to intentional growth.  If you know of friends who would benefit from this speaker, invite them to the meeting.  If all your friends already have a great work life balance, invite them anyway to a good meal and great company. RSVP at http://www.mwniowa.org/calendar.  See you on the 20th!                   Joyce

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