March 2017

March is here and in my opinion, it’s coming in like a lion.  Have you been practicing your “work-mance” and “people-mance”?  We had a wonderful speaker in February and excellent food at Irina’s.  Now we turn to March’s meeting.    I’ve been “blessed” with a family trait of when it’s in the 50s, I need to start wearing a hat or I risk a head cold.  When I was younger, I thought I was doomed to a life of stocking caps, but then I met a wonderful lady who taught me how to put on a hat and wear it.  Now, I receive compliments on the few hats (non-stocking) I wear.  That wonderful lady was Linda Zeiger who is our speaker this month.  I met Linda when I had “my colors” done.  (Did anyone else have that done in the late 70s and early 80s?)   I don’t what Linda will say, but I know Linda and am sure it will be a wonderful presentation.

Come to Mama Lacona’s on March 16 for good food and a good speaker!  Be sure to invite your friends! RSVP at before March 13.
Joyce Whipps
President Metro Women’s Network
P.S. For those who had their colors done, I’m a winter.

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