January 2017

Hi,  All,

Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t believe it is already 2017; time keeps on flying by, the older I get. I hope if you made any resolutions, you are sticking to them and making good progress. I decided this year to not set any resolutions since I never seem to stick to any of them. I am going to make a couple goals to get healthy/healthier in 2017. We shall see how that goes.

For those of you who missed our December Social, you really missed out on a good time. We painted our hearts out. I didn’t realize we had so many creative members. Our member Meg and her assistant did a great job helping everyone paint their masterpieces. I already hung mine up and look at it every day, hoping spring comes quick. We also collected $230 from our members for our Charity of the Year Make-A-Wish, and MWN matched that amount. They received $460 from our group. Great job supporting the Iowa Chapter!

Please join us on January 19th at Christopher’s on Beaver Avenue in DM. They have a very nice private room in the back and do an excellent job on the meals. Our speaker is Mollie Cooney from KCCI Channel 8. She is going to show us some funny news bloopers as well as talk about her career in broadcasting. She is very engaging and always does a great job speaking to groups.

Don’t forget that January is our Membership drive where we encourage our members to bring guests and try and recruit members. We have lots of prizes to give away.

See you soon,

Sherri Johnson



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