March 2015

Happy almost-spring. I hope everyone remembered to turn your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings. If you didn’t, I hope you didn’t have to be somewhere. I saw someone Sunday morning at church who forgot to set their clock ahead, and they got there just before the end of the service. A little bit of church is better than no church at all, right.

There are less than two weeks now until we can say it’s really spring. I think everyone is ready for some nice weather. I really don’t mind winter like I used to. I hope that’s not just another sign of getting older. Like winter or hate it, we can be glad our few bad weather days here in Iowa were nothing like what they had in Boston. Now, that would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “cabin fever.” I bet they have never been so glad to see spring.

If you have decided you’ve had enough of the cold weather and are going somewhere warm for spring break, I hope you have perfect weather and lots of sunshine. For those of us who are staying here and not going to be lying on a beach, just make yourself a drink, put a little umbrella in it, close your eyes and think of the money you are saving.

If you are not out of town, I hope to see you on the 19th at Mama Lacona’s.  To sign up, go to


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