May 2014

Oh how I love the sun! What a difference the sun can make, to us and to the environment. I think I need sunshine as much as the flowers do. I know we need the vitamin D that we get from the sun, but I really need the sun for energy. I don’t think I have the light deprivation thing, but I really have more energy when the sun is shining.  I can see if the sun is shining while I’m working. I wonder, those of you who have an office or job where you can’t see if the sun is shining or not, are your moods affected by light deprivation? One good thing about all the cloudy days, it really makes you appreciate the sun when it does come out.

If you like shiny things and a little bling, come to our MWN meeting and dinner at Mama Lacona’s on May 15th. Our speaker is Chuck Kuba, owner of Iowa Diamonds. I’m sure he has some interesting facts about diamonds. Maybe we’ll hear some fun stories about diamond shopping, and maybe the story behind those dancing frogs. It has to be good, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Hope to see you there.

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