March 2014

I’m not sure I should say this, but I think we are now past the worst part of winter. Spring has to be right around the corner, or maybe just down the road a piece. Yesterday was a Thursday, and there was not one drop of precipitation! Now, if we can have that in two weeks, we can finally have our Membership Meeting. It will be March 20th, and that’s actually the first day of Spring, so it has to be nice. Right? We just have to get out of this rut, as the third Thursday in January and February had snow storms. Let’s hope the third time is a charm.

St Patrick’s Day is this month, maybe that will help. Not sure if any of you are Irish, I know some who think they are on March 17th every year!  Let’s hope the luck of the Irish is with us this month, and we can all be together after a long winter. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Hope to see everyone at Christopher’s on March 20. We have a lot of prizes to give away. It’s a sure cure for cabin fever.

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