October 2013

October has to be one of the most beautiful months! The air is cooler and cleaner, there’s almost a crispness to the air. Soon the leaves will turn amazing colors of red, orange and yellow. Just driving on the freeway or around town, the trees make such a beautiful back drop. Finally, no more air-conditioning. Kind of makes me think about cooking. Kind of… maybe, maybe not. Anyway it sounds good.

Another great thing about October is that it’s time for our Woman of the Year. I am so excited for our candidate this year. Christina Moffatt, owner of Crème Cupcake & Dessert, is our Woman of the Year. It will be interesting to hear about the great success she has had with her business and her experience on The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

Please come join us and catch up with everyone. Our next meeting isn’t until December at our Social.  So, try to attend this Woman of the Year meeting! Did I tell you we’ll have a nice Sam and Gabe’s gift certificate for the member who brings the most guests? We’ll also have a drawing among the guests for a discounted 2014 membership. So, bring as many friends and colleagues as you can to this fun meeting!

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