September 2013

Hi, all!


Labor Day is over, and summer will officially be over on the 22nd. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know that. It’s the second week of September, and the weather is still in the 90s.

Even so, it’s after Labor Day, and I think there is something you have all been wondering about. I wanted to help put your mind at ease about this decade old dilemma:  Should I or shouldn’t I wear white after Labor Day? I know this has probably been keeping you up nights, so I wanted to tell you what I found on the subject.  Not very much! I’m not sure anyone really knows. Here is what I found:

It actually started back in the day with not wearing white shoes and pumps during winter because they weren’t suitable; then it originally carried on to other clothes.

It is an old-school fashion rule that generally refers to white dresses or pants, mostly worn in the summer.

It started back before air conditioning, and it was cooler to wear white in the summer.

I don’t think anyone really knows and not many follow that rule anymore. So if you like white, wear it. I don’t think it matters anymore.

You can even wear white to our September meeting on Thursday the 19th at Chicago Speakeasy! Hope you can be there! We are having a drawing for a gift card, and we’ll have an informational, interactive speaker. What? Deanna Jens will be talking about the art of Tai Chi. She will give a demonstration and let members try it.

Come and learn why Tai Chi is so popular and how it helps with focus, balance, muscle relaxation, and much more.  See you on the 19th!


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