July 2013

Hope you had a Happy Independence Day! I would usually say, have a great 4th or Happy 4th of July, but I heard someone say they thought we had forgotten what the 4th of July is really about. Yes, we all know what the 4th is really about, but do we really celebrate it for what it is or just a day off to picnic and watch fireworks. At Christmas, we don’t say Happy 25th, we say Merry Christmas. Even on January 1st we don’t say Happy 1st, we say Happy New Year. From now on I’m going to think of this Holiday as the day we celebrate our freedom and independence and not just a day to picnic and watch fireworks. Also, isn’t if funny that after the 4th of July, it seems that summer is almost over? Actually, summer just started a couple of weeks ago. How ever you spent your Holiday, I hope you had fun.


July is usually the month we take off from our monthly meeting, but because it’s so fun when we get together, we planned something for anyone who’s not vacationing on July 18th. We are planning to meet at Glazed Expressions in Clive to paint on canvas. It won’t be a regular meeting, but it will be fun! You don’t even have to be an artist. They supply the paint and canvas, and we supply the wine and fun. We will be sending out an email to everyone with all the details but please plan to come and bring a friend. To sign up, simply send an email to our mailbox: admin@mwniowa.org.


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