March 2013

The first day of March was snowy, so if that means it came in like a lion, then it should go out like a lamb, or so the saying goes. I always think about it on the 1st of March, but I never remember on the last day if the saying holds true. Lets hope it does this year.

Daylight Savings starts this weekend. That helps make you think spring. When the days are longer, it just feels better.

For those of you who are Irish, or just Irish for a day, St Patrick’s Day is just a few days away. I know people who have so much fun celebrating St Patrick’s Day, they think they are really Irish.

For anyone who has children or grandchildren, you are thinking about Spring Break. Even if you aren’t going somewhere warm, it just makes you think the weather will soon be getting warm.

Then we have Palm Sunday and Easter. March is a busy month!

Since we had to cancel our February meeting because of the weather, it will be nice to see everyone this month. I hope you can join us for at the Garden Grill in Johnston, near the Wynnsong Theaters. I’ve heard they have great food. I’m excited to hear our speaker, Lori Day, and her words of inspiration.

Remember, there is still time to get your Opportunity Grant application in. Just go to our website and click on programs.

See you on the 21st!

Janet Seeberger, President

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