“From the President’s Desk”

November 2012

There are so many beautiful things about the Fall season, it’s nice to sit back and take a moment to enjoy before we take the plunge with the hustle, bustle of the Holiday Season.

Besides just taking in all the beautiful scenery with the leaves changing, falling, and all the hard labor of raking, I love the brisk mornings and sunny afternoons. As many of you know I am an early morning walker/runner and earlier this month when I was on my early morning outing, I tripped on a 2” rise on the sidewalk and fell on my shoulder/arm.

WOW, it was instant pain and dizziness. I’m so thankful there was a gentleman walking across the street that came over to help. He ran home to get his vehicle and took me home so my husband could take me to the emergency room. I fractured the humerus in my right arm. I couldn’t believe the pain associated with a fracture like that. And of course it is my right arm. And because we are to be thankful in all situations, the first week I really questioned and wondered why I would be thankful for something like this. However, as time goes on, I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet time and not being able to go 90 miles an hour like I normally do. Everything becomes a challenge, but I’m excited that I am on the amends and have 1 more week in the sling. Then my husband reminded me that the pain will return once I begin my rehab. So as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m reminded again of the many things that we have to be thankful for and how our giving can be so grateful to others and to ourselves.

Hoping to see several of you at our December meeting held @ Funky Zebra’s in Urbandale. I’m so excited about this meeting. What more can a lady want…cocktails, good food, shopping, friends, etc!

Sharon Wolfe

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