“From the President’s Desk”

October 2012

I’m so disappointed I wasn’t able to make the September meeting. It sounds like Laura Hollingsworth was a fantastic speaker with lots of energy. Congratulations to Laura Utter for winning the $50 gift card to Latin King for bringing the most guests and Roxanne Morrow for just being lucky and winning the $25 gift card to Target.

Isn’t this Fall weather great! It seems as the weather begins to cool, everyone has their traditions and activities they enjoy doing. I can still remember raking the leaves, piling them as high as we could, climbing on top of our garage and jumping into them. Now that makes me hurt, just thinking about it. The leaves were really not that much of a cushion. Of course, we have the football season and for many men, hunting. This is the time of year; I like to experiment with canning and freezing. A couple of favorite things my husband and I like to do, is sit on our patio and enjoy the fresh, brisk air with very little bugs and driving around and looking at all the beautiful trees. I really believe traditions are important whether they are based around autumn or another event or time of year, every family has them. It is what keeps us connected and leads to great conversation at family gatherings.

Hoping to see several of you at our October meeting held @ Sam & Gabes with our Woman of the Year, Claudia Henning. Don’t miss out on the great food, speaker and networking!

Sharon Wolfe

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. mwniowa Says:

    One of our members designed it a few years ago. She’s moved away from the city now, so not sure how to reach her. Glad you liked the site.

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