“From the President’s Desk”

August 2012

Sounds like I missed a fun fashion show, excellent food at the June event held @ By Design. We had a fun filled vacation that week at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Our weather was excellent, in the mid 80’s all week and a wonderful time with family.

You know when you hear about the State Fair that means school is right around the corner. Doesn’t seem like I should be talking about this already. I think all of us are trying to cope with the heat and keeping our lawns, gardens and flowers alive. Although as a child, these things don’t seem as important as shopping for school clothes and supplies. Having one child left @ home that just turned 16, all she keeps asking about is when are we going shopping and how much is her budget. I still remember asking the same questions as a child and when we finally did venture out on our shopping spree, we had to keep all the tags on the clothes and stare at them in our closet for 3-4 weeks until we could wear them on the first day of school. So in the meantime, we would invite our friends over just so we could try them on again and make the “big” decision of what we were going to wear the “1st” day, how to do our hair, what color of nail polish, accessories, etc. And then of course when you prepare for your graduation and look back at all your 1st day school pictures and say…oh my gosh I wore that!

Hoping to see several of you at our August meeting held @ Mama Lacona’s with Dr. Koch as our guest speaker. He has lots of energy and I’m sure lots of information as to how we can continually look our best!

Sharon Wolfe

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