“From the President’s Desk”

June 2012

What a fun dinner at Chicago Speakeasy. I always enjoy being surrounded by so many professional, fun and entertaining ladies. If you missed this meeting, you missed hearing a great speaker who very humbly shared her story and many accomplishments.

I was reminded a couple weeks ago after attending a seminar, “A Complaint Free World”, it seems like no matter where we are, we are always going to be surrounded by complaining, gossiping and criticism. So many of us don’t realize our thoughts are more destructive than constructive. Our words may reveal this to others, but we don’t hear it. Some people complain constantly, but see themselves as a positive, upbeat, and optimistic person. This seminar has you wear a rubber band bracelet for 21 days and every time you complain you have to switch the bracelet to the other wrist. It has been a fun, interesting journey for many of us. Once again, we’re reminded the only changes we make in this world are the changes we make in ourselves. This is a reminder to all of us, but esp. for those of us who have kids home for the summer J!

Hoping to see several of you at our June Fashion and Fun meeting at “By Design” with dinner catered by Contemporary Catering, Inc.

Sharon Wolfe

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