“From the President’s Desk”

March 2012

I really enjoyed Teri Wood at Maxie’s last month. She shared a lot of interesting information and had some awesome quotes. One that really stuck with me was –

“You can never be truly comfortable in life until you become comfortable being uncomfortable”. I have found myself thinking about this quote several times at work, at the gym, on my early mornings walk, home, etc. It can be so much easier to coast then to push and this has been a great reminder to me that I don’t always need to be comfortable.

So is it true the Irish are lucky? Many St. Patrick’s Day traditions revolve around luck.

Actually the Irish are considered unlucky people. The phrase “Luck of the Irish” can be traced to the 1800s during the U.S. gold rush where a high number of Irish people found gold and silver. Since Irish immigrants were viewed as incapable, any success was deemed as luck…hence “Luck of the Irish”. And if you are lucky enough to find a 4-Leaf Clover, according to legend each of the four leaves represent something:

Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. It is estimated there are about 10,000 3-leaf clovers for every 4-leaf clover. And then does it bring us good luck if we wear green on March 17th.

In the 19th century, green became a symbol of Ireland since it is known as “The Emerald Isle”. Wearing green is patriotic and considered lucky especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

We will be meeting at Gino’s West in March and I hope we’re “lucky” enough that everyone can make it and we can enjoy some green beverages together.

Sharon Wolfe

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Barbara Livingston Says:

    Sharon, I enjoyed your President’s Letter and your leadership in MWN! Thanks, Barb.

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