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From the President’s Desk: August 2010

I really enjoyed our July MWN golf lesson. As most of you know, we don’t traditionally have a meeting in July because of lack of attendance with members on vacation. This year, we decided to add an ad hoc July golf lesson, with 14 people attending. I had a good time and gained a few golf tips!

August brings the State Fair with all of its fun and fanfare. I’m looking forward to attending and checking out what is new on a stick! Here’s the August question: What is your favorite fair food, or the most unusual food you’ve ever tried?

I shared in my last letter that I was attending a convention in Asheville, North Carolina in June. It was a blast and, although I fell the first day, I didn’t let my injuries slow me down! Most of my letters this year have been about travel, and this one won’t be an exception. Once again, I am extremely blessed with opportunities! I leave for Johannesburg, South Africa Aug. 1 to attend the International Pediatric Congress. I am accompanying a nurse practitioner (Jan Foote, DNP) who will present one of the workshops to more than 3,000 attendees. I will attend some of the conference, but will also go on a safari, visit the Apartheid museum, and attend other cultural events during our weeklong stay.

I’m happy to say I will return to Des Moines in time for the next MWN meeting – another great program with the opportunity to discuss broadcast journalism with two talented local celebs! I encourage you to bring guests to our meetings – we’ve had nice growth this year and I would love to see that continue.

I hope everyone has a safe and FUN summer!

Best regards,

-Becky Patton-Quigley

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