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From the President’s Desk: June 2010

What a great Memorial Day weekend! The weather was fabulous and I really enjoyed spending time with my dad, who had his 80th birthday May 28 and is still going strong!

I missed our May meeting while I was in Chicago for a Physician Practice Management seminar. I was able to take my board exam at the end of the week to renew my Master’s Certification in Practice Management – thank goodness that’s over! In June, I will be in Ashville, North Carolina, for a convention of the Benevolent Patriotic Order of DOES. I’m a five year officer (musician), so they are sending me on this great trip. I’m really blessed to have such great opportunities!

Hopefully, I will attend the rest of the meetings this year! Metro Women’s Network is an amazing organization and I encourage everyone to bring friends to our meetings! Most people that come to a meeting end up joining (that’s what happened to me!). It’s really nice to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere and have FUN together while we’re networking.

I hope everyone is ready to enjoy a fabulous summer! I grew up spending summers on Lake Okoboji – those were the days! I will in August to relive some of the fun times. One summer memory is of homemade ice cream. Cranking and cranking until it felt like our arms would fall off! Here’s a fun summer activity to do with kids – and it doesn’t require a machine!

Ice Cream in a Bag
What you’ll need:

1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup milk or half & half
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
6 tablespoons rock salt
1-pint plastic food storage bag (e.g., Ziploc)
1-gallon plastic food storage bag
Ice cubes

    How to make it:

    1. Fill the large bag halfway with ice and add the rock salt. Seal the bag.
    2. Put milk, vanilla and sugar in the small bag and seal it.
    3. Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully.
    4. Shake until the mixture is ice cream, which takes about five minutes.
    5. Wipe off the top of the small bag, then open it carefully. Enjoy!

    Tip: A half cup milk will make one scoop of ice cream, so double the recipe if you want more. But don’t increase the proportions more that that — a large amount might be too big for kids to pick up because the ice itself is heavy.

    I hope everyone has a safe and FUN summer!

    -Becky Patton-Quigley

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