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From the President’s Desk: November/December

Wow, I get to cover two months of news, greetings and knowledge. Decision… Do I write twice as much? Easy answer, NO! The end of another year is closing in on us. That means we’re all getting older, wiser and more like a fine bottle of wine. How wonderfully exciting!

We’ll soon gather for our annual winter social. A splendid time to catch up with ones you know and chat with those you don’t. MWN will also donate $$ to a chosen charity; you will also be able to make a contribution of your own.

Keep in mind that nominations for next year’s committee members will also be discussed. If you are having doubts, try it… you’ll love it!

In the meantime, here are a few tips for a more relaxing holiday season:

  • Maybe in our eagerness to impress and bedazzle our guests, we’re missing the point entirely. Warm, relaxing social interaction should be the main concern when rolling out the welcome mat. Here are some strategies that will help you keep your eye on that objective.
  • Have small intimate get-togethers. Big parties are expensive, time-consuming and a heck of a lot of work. A big bash can be fun, if you’re not the one throwing it. Smaller parties are easier to arrange, less work, less expensive, and leave lots of time to enjoy your guests, who feel more special, too. Entertain fewer people…more often.
  • Keep the menu simple. Focus on the quality of what you serve, not the quantity, and on making your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Your parties can’t help but turn out special.
    Expect people to cancel out on you. Last-minute dropouts and no-shows can be disappointing — especially when you’ve gone to a lot of trouble. So be ready for it. If everyone does show up (slim chance), you’ll enjoy an unanticipated bonus.
  • Invite someone over for coffee, tea, a glass of wine, or a beer. Informal drop-by visits with friends and neighbors is a great way to catch up, share experiences, vent concerns, and give yourself a needed break from the rat race. Pure, uplifting social interaction…without all the fuss. Try it.

Entertaining is supposed to be fun, remember? When you throw a dinner party or host a gathering, it’s not an audition, you’re not on trial and your guests aren’t judges and juries. It’s about inviting people into your home and making them feel welcome and comfortable. If you’re tense and unsure, that’s what they’ll pick up on. (How many times have you attended a tautly wound event and had a perfectly lousy time?) So make it fun. Be casual, gracious, spontaneous. You’ll be a hit, and so will your party.

Warmest wishes for a blissful holiday.

-Mindi O’Kane

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