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From the President’s Desk – August

Happy August! I truly hope you all have had a great summer so far.

State FairIt’s almost state fair time. Are you ready?



Well, I made my trip to Washington, D.C. and it was FABULOUS! There were PeacockBBQs, luaus, receptions, lunches, sightseeing and, of course, the ceremony. For those of you who do not know, my youngest son, Mike, was selected as the 2009 Chief of Naval Operations Shore Sailor of the Year. To put it in perspective, four sailors out of nearly 500,000 were chosen. Am I proud? Well, yeah, a little!

My oldest son and I stayed over the weekend and were lucky to have the honor of seeing Stacey Keatch in “King Lear.” I even got his autograph. I’ve never done that before. It was truly a treat.

White HouseWe also saw the Capitol, the White House, Washington monument, Lincoln monument, and the Jefferson, WWII, Vietnam and Korean memorials, to name a few. I hadn’t been to D.C. since the late 70s. The history and architecture is fascinating and breath-taking. I would suggest a family vacation there. Most of the sites are free admission, within walking distance of each other, and it’s a great place for educating children and adults alike.

Keep in mind that August is Women’s Small Business Month. Support the women you know who own small businesses.

Until September,

– Mindi O’Kane

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