October 2017

October 11, 2017

One of the questions asked when in getting to know someone is “Do you have any kids?”  Up until a few years ago, my answer was “Yes, I do, and I’m married to him.”  However, about 4 years ago, my husband and I adopted.  Now we have boy with 4 legs, fur, and meows named Crosby.  I can’t imagine my life without either of my “kids.”

Sometimes you will see the sign in pet stores and on cars of animal lovers “who rescued who?”  (It’s on my refrigerator at home.)  My husband and I often say that about Crosby.  Pets enrich life so much and have so much personality just like people.  Our speaker this month is from the ARL (Animal Rescue League).  I have a couple friends who volunteer for them and I know what a wonderful organization it is.  I look forward to hearing what our speaker Rose Hebron has to say.  The only “soapbox statements” I will make here about animal welfare are 1) Spay and neuter and, 2) Adopt, don’t shop.

P.S. One of Crosby’s favorite games is fetch with wads of paper.  Talk about cheap toys.  Unfortunately, then he likes to dunk it in his water dish.


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