April 2014

April 7, 2014

Well, I think spring is finally here! Are you busy making plans about your garden, yard, and activities? I can’t wait to get outside and plant flowers and clean up the yard. It was such a long, hard winter, we deserve a nice spring … and some warm weather.

While you’re making your activity plans, why not think about how you could use our Opportunity Grant. Members in good standing (see our website for rules http://www.mwniowa.org/programs) can apply for funds to help them in some personal or individual endeavor. Maybe you’ve wanted to go to a seminar or get certified in something. Or maybe you feel you need to improve some area of your life for your health. We’ve extended the time for applications until the end of April due to the bad weather earlier (and cancelled meetings). Check it out and take advantage of this grant if you can.

And, mark your calendars for our April 17 meeting at Overtime restaurant in Urbandale. Our speaker is Kimberly Baeth, owner of Golden Openings. She has a wonderful story to tell how she started this business to do grand openings for businesses and other gala affairs (even for some movie stars!). Be sure to sign up for this fun evening.

Spring is the time to get out and do things. Metro Women’s Network is one good way to get started! See you on the 17th!


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